Proud to Serve: Reaching out to Restaurants

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A major factor preventing numerous people from seriously exploring veganism is simply convenience. Those who’ve had no experience with veganism often find the thought of finding vegan options daunting, and because of this, COK has worked closely with dozens of restaurants to create or expand their meat-free menus. Our goal is to help make vegan eating as easy as possibly by ensuring that animal-friendly options are widely available.

What started as an effort to promote veg-friendly restaurants in Washington, DC through our website,, COK’s Restaurant Outreach campaign has grown into a national effort to encourage restaurants across the country to offer vegan menu items. Since the start of this campaign, we’ve successfully worked with dozens of eateries from pubs in Austin to coffeehouses in Baltimore to Green-Certified restaurants in the DC-area.  And with help from Compassion Over Killing, activists from across the US are picking up this campaign and finding how easy it is to reach out to restaurant and make an immediate and lasting change for

COK provides activists with a wide range of tools to help you successfully reach out to restaurants. Start out by simply asking your favorite veg-friendly restaurant to display our “Proud to serve vegetarian & vegan meals” decals. These brightly colored window decals (pictured above) let patrons know that they can find an animal-friendly bite to eat at this establishment. Contact us to get a few to distribute to local restaurants.

Or, at the end of a meal, simply leave a friendly note about the growing demand for more vegan options. COK’s Restaurant Manager Cards fit perfectly in your wallet or purse and are a great way to highlight the growing demand for healthier and more humane foods and encourage eateries to expand menus and marketability with even more vegan meals.

Check out COK’s Guide to Restaurant Outreach to find out even more ways you can reach out to restaurants in your area, and remember, all it takes is one person to make a major difference changing everyday restaurants into veg-friendly establishments. Start today!

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