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Dunkin’: New CEO Promises Plant-Based Options

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Dunkin’, now led by a new CEO, is considering vegan options, as thousands ask for vegan treats through Animal Outlook’s campaign.

Millions of consumers nationwide are opting for plant-based options to help the animals who suffer at the hands of the egg and dairy industries, and protect their health as well as the planet. As the plant-based market continues to grow, Animal Outlook continues pressuring coffee giants Starbucks and Dunkin’ for plant-based options.

In 2014, Dunkin’ became the latest top national coffee chain to offer a non-dairy milk, saying it heard thousands of us “loud and clear” as it added almond milk to its menu nationwide in response to our campaign. Since then, the chain continues changing, most recently installing a new CEO. David Hoffmann is bringing with him a lot of new ideas–including more vegan options.

This is great news, as Dunkin’ has fallen behind in the plant-based food and beverage game. But as rivals like Starbucks steal the spotlight with more and more plant-based menu items like a vegan macadamia oat cookie and 3D-printed Dream Pops, Dunkin’ is looking to catch up.

Hoffmann recently explained to, “Nobody does iced coffee and hot drip coffee better than us. But there’s a whole range of other products that we can get into around beverages, whether it’s re-establishing ourselves in espresso-based drinks to teas to plant-based drinks… We think that’s some of the runway for us long term.”

More plant-based options mean a win for companies, consumers, and animals. Recent market research by Nielsen found that 39 percent of Americans are “actively trying to eat more plant-based foods,” and last year these veg products made up 20 percent of the money U.S. consumers spent on foods and beverages last year. This is a huge opportunity for Dunkin’ to boost slumping sales and respond to consumer demand.

Even more importantly, plant-based initiatives can reduce the number of animals exploited every year by the egg and dairy industries. Currently, all of Dunkins’ donuts contain egg and dairy ingredients–which other coffee shops are increasingly proving obsolete. With so many other plant-based ingredients available, cruelty simply isn’t necessary.

Thanks to your voices, Dunkin’ is starting to see that plant-based is the future. Let’s use this opportunity to tell the chain’s new CEO that a vegan donut would be a slam dunk for animals, consumers and the planet.

ACT NOW: Sign our petition telling Dunkin’ that a vegan donut would be a slam dunk, then email David Hoffmann at using our sample below or your own polite message.


Dear Mr. Hoffmann,

Congratulations on your new position, and thanks for the announcement that more plant-based drinks are on the way at Dunkin’. In 2014, I was thrilled when Dunkin’ began offering almond milk for our coffee after hearing from tens of thousands of Animal Outlook supporters. But millions more conscious eaters are ditching dairy and eggs for animals, their health, and the planet — and a vegan donut would be a slam dunk in our dairy-free coffee. As competitors like Starbucks steal the spotlight with more and more vegan menu options like a macadamia oat cookie and 3D-printed Dream Pops, it’s time for Dunkin’ to get in the game. Dunkin’ can seize a massive, growing market of dairy- and egg-free eaters by taking the lead and becoming the first coffee giant to offer a vegan donut.

Thank you.

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