Plant-Based Sales Outpacing Other Food & Beverages

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New market research by Nielsen finds that 39 percent of Americans are “actively trying to eat more plant-based foods,” and last year these veg products made up nearly 20 percent of the money U.S. consumers spent on foods and beverages last year.

Leading the way are dairy-free foods, especially cheese and yogurt whose markets grew by 45 percent and 31 percent respectively, and almond milk continues its rise. With consumers increasingly turning away from cow’s milk in favor of healthier and more compassionate options, this plant-based milk market is likely to keep churning out sales.

The Nielsen report further states that sales of produce and vegan products in general are “outpacing total food and beverage sales.”

So, what’s driving the most progress in this massive market? Innovative new vegan products.

According to the report, “Within the plant-based food space, innovation is booming, and an array of plant-based alternatives are posting significant sales growth.”

Time after time, industry research shows that to cash in on the future of food is to offer vegan options increasingly in demand, and Nielsen’s findings seem to agree:

“Whether it be due to health, ethics or sustainability, the proportion of U.S. consumers that adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet is growing. And that presents notable opportunity for brands and retailers looking for ways to capitalize on specific needs and desires among consumers opting for plant-based food and beverage options, particularly in cases where no or few options currently exist.”

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