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Maryland Egg Farms Investigation

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In February 2005, COK investigators visited three of the largest Maryland egg farms to document and expose the misery endured by millions of the state’s egg-laying hens. With virtually no laws to protect them, these birds will spend their entire lives intensively confined in wire cages so small, they can’t even spread their wings.They are denied individualized veterinary care, and many suffer from severe feather-loss as well as untreated illnesses or injuries. Needless to say, countless birds die in such debilitating conditions. COK takes you inside these factory farms to expose the cruelty that is standard business in the egg industry.

Animal Care Certified?

Two of the three farms visited by COK’s investigators participate in the United Egg Producers’ (UEP’s) voluntary Animal Care Certified (ACC) program, yet, as you can see in the video and photo galleries below, conditions for the hens inside all three farms are strikingly similar.

Participation in this industry-devised program allows producers to use the ACC logo, which is currently stamped on egg cartons nationwide. However, in 2003, consumer protection giant the Better Business Bureau deemed the ACC logo misleading because it conveys to consumers a false message of humane animal care. Despite this ruling and the BBB’s referral of the matter to the Federal Trade Commission for potential legal action against the UEP, the logo continues to be used. Learn more about COK’s Animal Care Certified campaign.

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