Five reasons to take the 7-Day VegPledge

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VegWeek, happening this year from April 18 – 24, is  a great opportunity to celebrate Earth Week and to explore the powerful benefits of eating vegan. By participating in VegWeek you’ll not only be helping the awesome animals we share our planet with., but you’ll be benefiting your body and the environment. Will you join us? 

Here are five reasons to sign up for the VegPledge

  • For the animals: While we are inundated with narratives about happy cows,  “humane” meat, cage-free chickens – the reality is there’s no humane way to breed, raise, and kill billions of animals for food. In fact, the standard practices of large-scale industrial facilities cause massive amounts of pain, trauma, and fear for farmed animals. By eating vegan, you can challenge the cruelty inflicted upon animals and create a more compassionate world. 
  • For your health: Plants are packed full of all the nutrients you need for a healthy body. Eating a diet loaded with vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans is one of the most effective ways to improve your health. Eating vegan can support you in healing current health issues and  it can serve as a powerful preventative measure, reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer
  • For the planet: Animal agriculture is the leading contributor to climate change, deforestation, and water, air and land pollution. Eating plant-based foods reduces our environmental footprint and is the single best thing we can do for our environment. 

“If we change towards a plant-based diet we could save up to 8 billion tons of CO2 every single year. We could feed ourselves on much less land and nature could recover. Pandemics, loss of biodiversity, climate disruption, acidification of oceans, inequality, loss of fertile topsoil – these are all just symptoms. What they all come down to is the way we treat nature, the way we value nature. We need a system change. But we can fix this because we are part of nature. When we protect nature, we are nature protecting itself.” – Greta Thunberg  

  • Try something new: During VegWeek, you’ll get daily emails packed with new recipes to explore and flavors to experience. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into veganism or have been vegan for years, there’s something new for everyone during VegWeek. 
  • Challenge yourself and have fun doing so! You may have thought about going vegan before for your health, the environment, or because of your love for animals but something has stopped you from trying it out. That’s okay – we all experience a range of barriers. Our goal with VegWeek is to support you. Now is your chance to challenge yourself, to learn new tips and tools, and to see how vegan eating can bring more energy, health, and peace into your life. 

Sign up to take the 7-Day VegPledge today. Did we mention, there’s prizes?! Join us for a week full of recipes, giveaways and resources for your vegan adventure.

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  1. Since I was a child my heart broke that we ate meat. I’ve never been a big meat eater but since I have chosen a vegetarian and then a vegan lifestyle I’m so much happier.

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