Starbucks Acknowledges Plant-Based Shift,Tests 100% Vegan Food Menu At Single Location

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Tell Starbucks it’s time for vegan food nationwide by signing our petition today.

When Starbucks began offering non-dairy milk, Animal Outlook supporters kept the pressure on, asking the coffee giant to offer a vegan food item to pair with its non-dairy coffee. And as demand continues to rise for compassionate vegan offerings, we may be getting our wish. 

In its quarterly earnings call last week, Starbucks CEO and President Kevin R. Johnson noted that “probably the most dominant shift in consumer behavior is this whole shift to plant-based.” Going on to explain that this shift is happening both in beverage and food menu items, Johnson said that the coffee giant has dedicated an entire store in the Seattle area to a 100 percent plant-based food menu in order to test different options. 

In 2018, in response to Animal Outlook’s in-person request at Starbucks’ annual shareholder meeting, the chain pledged to offer a new vegan food line. But animal advocates were disappointed when last year’s release of an Impossible breakfast sausage came pre-packaged on a sandwich with dairy-based cheese and egg. After hearing just months ago that Starbucks is now testing a fully vegan breakfast sandwich in a single location outside of Seattle, many are speculating, but it is still unclear whether this is the same one that has now gone plant-based. 

But tests may not be limited to Seattle-area locations: consumers have spotted new vegan options in Dallas locations, too. We hope this means that Starbucks is finally getting serious about creating a more compassionate menu. 

One thing is clear–after years of hearing from supporters like you through our campaign, Starbucks is finally getting the message that consumers want more vegan options. Now’s the time to make sure the chain knows the demand is there: Add your voice today to our petition.

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  1. I get put off going in starbucks as your still behind the scenes when it comes to vegan foodstuffs. I’ve been a vegan since the early eighties & am surprised by the attention mismanage is getting at the moment. I hope it lasts and grows spreading out to encompass every nation on prison planet earth. So get your act together and start selling vegan food, you know it won’t hurt your profits either if you give it a go.

  2. I have been hoping for a long time that Starbucks would make such a change. Their food would be even more delicious and their impact on the world would be truly impressive.

    Save us, Starbucks!! You got this.

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