A Misleading Oath or a Missed Opportunity?

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Did you ever dream of becoming a veterinarian when you were a kid?  Of working with animals every day?

Many children, compelled by their deep love for animals, grow up to be veterinarians and dedicate their lives to caring for them.

That’s why it’s disappointing that the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), an organization that represents over 86,000 veterinarians nationwide, routinely condones egregious cruelty that is inflicted upon millions of animals.

In 2011, the AVMA amended its oath to embody the compassion for animals that propels so many people to become veterinarians.  Members now must swear to:

“use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, [and] the prevention and relief of animal suffering…”

Despite this oath, the AVMA has time after time given its stamp of approval to horrifying cruelty that factory farmed animals must endure.

They’ve condoned nearly immobilizing pregnant pigs in crates so narrow they can’t even turn around.  

They’ve claimed that the degree of discomfort [ducks who had pipes rammed down their throats on a daily basis] experienced during force feeding…remains unclear.”  

And they’ve actively stifled the reform of the factory farming industry, effectively assisting in the suffering and death of billions of animals every year.

Why do the AVMA’s policies matter?  Congress and regulatory agencies routinely consult with the AVMA on factory farming standard practices.  And farm animals could certainly use its support: force-feeding, confinement, and suffocation are daily routines on the 20,000 factory farms across this country.

The AVMA oath is misleading, but, more importantly, it’s a missed opportunity.  We believe the AVMA should stay true to its oath and support the welfare of all animals, even those on farms.

You can support us as we advocate for all Americans, including veterinarians, to treat farmed animals with compassion.

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