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Dunkin’ Exploring Adding Plant-Based Protein to Menu

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Donut and coffee chain Dunkin’ is considering getting into the vegan fast-food game by adding plant-based proteins to its breakfast offerings. “We’re going to look at plant-based proteins as well, going forward,” said CEO David Hoffmann to CNBC last week.

In response to a Compassion Over Killing campaign, Dunkin’ started pouring out non-dairy milk options in 2014. Now, we’re asking the chain to keep spreading the vegan love and offer a vegan donut to dunk in our coffee with almond milk.

This development is a step in the right direction. Though we haven’t received details on what plant-based protein offerings will look like, Hoffmann hinted to Yahoo Finance that the company was working with a major plant-based protein company and considering a vegan sausage topping for company’s new egg bowls. Many fast-food chains are rolling out vegan burger options (like Burger King and Carl’s Jr.),  and Einstein Bros. bagels has taken the lead in the breakfast space by offering Daiya vegan cream cheese.

This is a huge opportunity for Dunkin’ to catch up. We don’t just want vegan toppings, we want a fully vegan on-the-go breakfast!

So let’s keep the pressure on and urge Dunkin’ to roll out a vegan donut in addition to its forthcoming plant-based proteins. Take action today by signing and sharing the petition.

Want to go the extra mile? Let’s be sure to show Dunkin’ how much we appreciate its efforts to provide more compassionate, sustainable, and healthier options–and encourage it to take the next step by dishing out a vegan donut! Email David Hoffmann at using our sample below or your own polite message.


Dear Mr. Hoffmann,

Thank you for announcing that we will soon see plant-based meat on the menu at Dunkin’! In 2014, I was thrilled when Dunkin’ brewed up almond milk for our coffee after hearing from tens of thousands of Compassion Over Killing supporters. But as Forbes predicted, 2019 is the “year of the vegan,” and millions are ditching animal meats and by-products for a more compassionate, sustainable, and healthier lifestyle. I hope you will continue to be a food industry leader by becoming the first coffee giant to offer a vegan donut! Thank you.