Kraft a Better BOCA: Ditch Dairy!

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The BOCA brand has become a household name at the forefront of the meatless market, appearing on store shelves and restaurants menus nationwide.

Yet, BOCA, owned by Kraft Heinz, is lagging behind other vegetarian brands that have moved forward to meet the soaring consumer demand for dairy-free foods.

The majority of BOCA’s burgers, bowls, and other products on grocery store shelves still contain unhealthy and cruelly produced cow’s milk.

As Compassion Over Killing’s undercover investigators have exposed time and again, the dairy industry forces cows to endure a systematic cycle of cruelty, from gentle mother cows (who, after their exhausted bodies are no longer profitable to the industry, are sent to slaughter) to their newborn calves taken away so the milk intended for these baby animals can be sold for human consumption.

In 2009, a campaign by COK and other organizations prompted BOCA to take a promising step, by committing to dropping all eggs from its line after hearing from tens of thousands of consumers.

But most of BOCA’s meatless foods still contain milk, despite dairy alternatives flying off the shelves, with sales projected to reach $35 billion by 2024.

BOCA itself has taken note of this dairy-free demand, acknowledging a consumer base that is “increasingly looking for plant-based options,” and yet about 70% of its products still contain cow’s milk. It’s time for the company to become a true leader in the veg market by ditching dairy!

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