NC Introduces Ag-Gag Bill: Here’s a Video They Don’t Want You to See

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This week, the North Carolina legislature introduced an ag-gag bill — again. Past attempts have thankfully failed, but this new threat of shutting down a powerful tool to expose the hidden horrors of animal agribusiness is very real. It’s a frightening reminder of how desperate the industry is to keep the American public in the dark.

Here’s what they don’t want you to see: Last year, COK released a heartbreaking undercover video showing routine and egregious cruelties forced upon chickens at a North Carolina factory farm.

The investigation was so compelling that CNN broadcast an exclusive in-depth report highlighting the immense suffering these chickens endured, including being buried alive.

CNN’s report highlights the vital role undercover investigators play in food transparency issues:

“One of the most shocking things about factory farms is that there is almost no one watching them. There’s little federal oversight of these facilities so undercover watchdogs are often the only way these abuses are uncovered.”

COK’s brave investigators have worked tirelessly in North Carolina, and other states, to document and expose the truth. The American public deserves to know about the abuse and death that Big-Ag routinely inflicts upon animals behind its closed doors.

Big-Ag knows that consumers are horrified by these exposés. But rather than taking steps to end its abusive practices, the industry is shamefully putting its muscle behind criminalizing the mere exposure of the truth.

You can protect your right to know where your food comes from. Help us fight Ag-Gag in North Carolina and continue to shed a light on the dark underbelly of animal agribusiness by supporting our investigators and signing up for our Action Alerts.

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