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VICTORY: Tyson Raised & Rooted Plant-Based Line is ACTUALLY Plant-Based Now — And It’s Expanding

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In 2019, Tyson claimed to officially enter the plant-based arena when it announced the launch of its new “plant-based” and “blended” protein line. But once the Raised & Rooted items hit store shelves, compassionate consumers were disappointed to learn that not only did the “blended” burger still contain cow meat, but even the “plant-based” nuggets still contained eggs.

In December of the following year, Tyson quietly acknowledged that its “blended” burger, containing both plants and animal meat, was a flop (we told you so, Tyson) by discontinuing its production. While the company still grasped at feeble attempts to support its original decision to incorporate animal products into the Raised & Rooted line, ultimately, David Ervin, Tyson’s VP of Alternative Protein, said that “moving forward, Raised & Rooted products will not contain any animal products” and that eggs were removed from the nuggets as well. 

In addition to Raised & Rooted Plant-Based Nuggets, Spicy Nuggets and Whole Grain Tenders, the company is now expanding beyond chicken substitutes and with the release of plant-based burger patties, bratwurst and Italian sausages, and ground — just in time for grilling season. 

This victory of a growing fully vegan product line from a giant like Tyson is all thanks to supporters like you who made your voices heard, and it has the potential to be a tipping point for plant-based progress as the company’s competitors take notice.

It is quite the monumental moment when one of the world’s largest animal meat producers has to face the reality that consumers want an option that does not, in fact, include any animal products at all.

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  1. It doesn’t matter about them trying to get into a new market if they’re still selling meat from live chickens. Has Tyson opted to close it’s primary business, torture & murder? When that happens I may consider trying their product. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime unfortunately.

    1. Yes i dont buy vegan from any animal products biz grain feed giants forcin their mega exports on world with threat of war. Ukraine soil is rare best innworld other place w loess sool is manitoba but its mostly cemented over for pig barns n polluted by pig shit lakes

  2. This shows that companies will respond to consumer demands if we can rally a large growing number of
    enlightened consumers. How can we get more celebrities to speak up publicly to demand compassion for animals? They have immense influence over their fans and followers. And the media will report on it!

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