Veganism: a Sound Investment Strategy

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Recently, the Economic Times of India ran its own story on the rise of “power vegans” − which has already been noticed here in the US − focusing specifically on what motivates prominent business leaders to pursue a plant-based diet.

In addition to citing how vegan food is now seen as more appealing and gourmet-appropriate than cheaply and cruelly produced meat, the article also highlights  how a business leader may benefit her or his company (not just personal health) by leaving animals off their plate: “Becoming a very public vegan sends out a signal that you are taking your health seriously and hopefully investors will think the same about your company’s health.”

The Times’ logic is pretty simple and the conclusion is easy to relate to in our everyday lives. There’s a certain pride we all understand when others take notice of our investment in ourselves, and those around us also take note. Whether you own a large company or not, investing in your long-term health by avoiding animal products is a way to show those around you how much you care.

Nobody wants to burden their loved ones with the lost time and emotional pain of dealing with our care for any of the many diseases associated with eating animal products. Instead − keeping with the business analogy − we want to reward them for their investments in us by being successful and living and sharing long, healthy lives with them.

At any stage of life, it’s never too late to get started with vegan eating, whether you try it out for one day a week or at every meal. Invest in your future by investing in heart-healthy, animal-friendly food choices.

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