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“American Humane Association” Tied to Salmonella Outbreak

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Hundreds of Americans in over a dozen states – from California to North Carolina – have been sickened by the latest chicken meat salmonella outbreak. Over 40 percent of those infected have been hospitalized, and it’s been reported that some of detected strains of Salmonella may be resistant to many antibiotics. Time will tell how severe, or perhaps even life-threatening, these illnesses will be.

The situation is so bad that the USDA is even threatening to shut down the three Foster Farms chicken slaughter plants believed to have caused the outbreak.  Foster Farms has not recalled any of its products, and the USDA plans to take action if the company doesn’t respond by the end of today.

What’s received less attention, however, is that the “American Humane Association” —not to be confused with the Humane Society of the United States – has been certifying and approving these very products.  You can see what these products look like with American Humane Association’s logo and certification seal pictured above on a package of Foster Farms chicken.

The best way to protect yourself from chicken-borne salmonella—and protect animals from the miseries of factory farming—is simply to leave chickens, and other animals, off our plates. Visit for a free Vegetarian Starter Guide!

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