Subway Footlong Doesn’t Add Up: Missing Over an Inch

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subway footlongLast week, Subway found itself embroiled in a sizeable debacle after a photo surfaced on Facebook showing a “Subway Footlong” sub measuring up to a mere 11-inches.

The photo was posted by a customer in Australia who asked the company to explain why the Footlong didn’t add up. The scandal of the missing inch quickly went viral with customers across the globe demanding an answer while news outlets from ABC News to the New York Post to the Colbert Report covered the “scamwich.”

The world’s largest restaurant chain responded with an explanation that many customers think falls short—just like Subway’s 11-inch Footlong. According to Subway, the Footlong is only a name and is “not intended to be a measurement of length.”

That extra inch, however, isn’t the only thing missing from Subway’s sandwiches: Where are the protein-packed vegan options?

Offering hearty meat-free meals is hardly a new concept for Subway, though its US stores are still lacking a substantial plant-based option. Two years ago in Canada, Subway rolled out a popular vegan “Totally Vegged” vegetable patty at select locations. And its stores in India have been sucessfully offering meatless menu choices for years, which prompted the company to open its first all-vegetarian location last year.

And you may have heard the exciting news that in June 2012, eight select Subway stores in the DC-area tested three all-vegan sandwiches that were so popular (see photo below), they sold out in nearly every location within a few short weeks.

While the company’s official testing phase has ended, store managers have told us the vegan menu was a huge success, and eager customers
everywhere are now awaiting the company’s decision, hoping to soon find vegan options on every Subway menu across the US.

Please tell Subway to stop falling short and to go the extra inch by dishing out protein-packed vegan options nationwide today. Add your voice to the thousands of others who are contacting the company through our campaign website,


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