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COK Brings Mobile Ad to Chicken Marketing Summit

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As poultry industry executives descended on the Four Seasons Resort at Florida’s Disney World for the Chicken Marketing Summit, so did Compassion Over Killing. As the conference filled up with attendees, thousands witnessed a powerful COK mobile billboard revealing the unhappiest place on Earth for birds: Tyson Foods.

As COK investigative footage has revealed, birds in Tyson’s supply chain endure systemic animal abuse, including the painful effects of genetic manipulation for rapid growth. On Tyson-contracted farms, these practices cause birds to suffer a myriad of health issues and make it nearly impossible for a chicken’s organs and legs to support their weight. Many are sick, unable to walk, or left for dead in confined spaces with little air or natural light.

“As consumers flock away from this suffering, industry leaders are calling it a ‘disruption’ of business as usual. Compassion Over Killing’s ad is urging everyone to disrupt Tyson’s cruelty by visiting TysonTruth.com,”” said Laura Cascada, Compassion Over Killing’s Director of Corporate Outreach.


Though Tyson touts its “Commitment to Animal Well-Being,” COK is revealing that this commitment is nothing more than a marketing scheme to dupe consumers. Meanwhile, birds on factory farms are anything but well-off. But we’re revealing the truth, one conference at a time. You can too by sharing our investigative footage. Let’s make sure Tyson knows that we’ll continue to disrupt their cruel practices until they’re put to bed.

For more information on Tyson’s cruelty, please visit ChickenIndustry.com.

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