Four New Vegan Products Worth Trying in 2014

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What better way to brighten up your winter days than indulging in some new mouthwatering vegan products? Whether from well-established vegan brands or new companies, these top COK selections will make your taste buds — and the animals — sing for joy!

Treeline Cheese (pictured to the left) distributes two all-vegan French-style soft cheeses — Scallion and Herb-Garlic — nationwide and will soon begin distribution of their Classic and Cracked Pepper hard cheeses. Raw, probiotic, and cholesterol-free, these cheeses are fermented and aged in the traditional style of cheese-making.

Just Mayo, from Hampton Creek Foods (pictured below) is hitting Whole Foods’ shelves nationwide and even impressing the host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods. The product is rich and creamy without the cholesterol and cruelty of eggs!

Tofurky has been making vegan eating easy and delicious for years, and it just launched a new frozen item that’s sure to be a hot commodity! Convenient and delicious pockets in Pepperoni Pizza, Broccoli Cheddar, and BBQ Chick’N make a quick lunch on-the-go. They’re also serving up Chick’N Pot Pie and Sausage and Veggie Quiche so you can make any meal in minutes.

Gardein Breakfast Sandwiches take everything we love about meaty plant-based Gardein and combine it with english muffins and vegan cheese. This ready-to-heat-and-eat breakfast is sure to warm you up on even the coldest mornings!

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