Nestlé Rolls Out Vegan Meats, Cruelty Toward Cows Continues

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ACT NOW: Tell Nestlé to end cruel dehorning of cows and churn out vegan options by signing and sharing the petition.

Thanks to the more than 20,000 of you who have spoken up against Nestlé cruelty since our shocking investigation, the food giant has announced plans to debut an array of vegan meats! Yet the company is stagnating when it comes to churning out vegan options for its dairy brands–despite the egregious abuse we exposed. 

As Nestlé scrambles to keep up with the sizzling demand for vegan products, it recently announced that its vegan “bleeding” Awesome Burger will be launched under the Sweet Earth brand this fall. And in a new interview with MarketWatch, CEO Mark Schneider added, “We have plant-based chicken products, and we’re working on a whole lot of other formats, including even sausages and bacon.” The brand further confirmed to us that this decision was made in large part due to hearing the sizzling plant-based demand from its customers through Compassion Over Killing’s campaign.

In the MarketWatch interview, Nestlé’s CEO deemed the vegan meat market a “significant mega-trend” and stated, “The whole notion of giving consumers a choice when it comes to plant-based alternatives is going to be a key theme going forward.” But, right now, millions of cows are languishing on factory farms behind Nestlé’s dairy products. To be a true food leader, the food giant must commit to shifting its cow’s milk lines toward vegan ingredients.

Compassion Over Killing’s recent investigation of a Nestlé supplier exposed brutal yet everyday practices that can be seen inside dairy farms across the country, including bloody hoof trimming and hot irons being burned into calves’ flesh to permanently destroy their horns and growth tissue in a cruel process known as “dehorning” or “disbudding.” 

It’s time for Nestlé, the world’s largest food and dairy company, to implement immediate systemic changes to push the dairy industry forward by eliminating cruel horn removal for its products once and for all–and to shift its dairy lines toward compassionate vegan options.

ACT NOW: Tell Nestlé to end cruel dehorning of cows and churn out vegan options by signing and sharing the petition.

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