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5 Reasons Why You NEED to Intern at COK!

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For some, summer is just about a few trips to the beach, the occasional cookout, or getting the perfect tan. But for a select few, it’s about how many leaflets you can distribute at the upcoming street festival or persuading an area restaurant to offer vegan options. If the latter sounds like you (or you want it to sound like you), then read on for these five reasons why you need to apply for a COK outreach internship:

A Week of Feed-Ins: COK Serves 1,500 Vegan Food Samples to Los Angelenos

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COK kicked off the month of June by dishing out over 500 vegan pizza samples from Cruzer Pizza along with hundreds of Compassionate Choices and Easy Vegan Recipes to West Adams Preparatory High School students at its International Issues Advocacy Fair. We offered a variety of familiar flavors — BBQ chicken, Philly Cheese Steak, Hawaiian, Meat, and Margherita — and each one was a hit! Students were amazed by the taste and empowered to learn about the benefits of choosing plant-based foods. Plus, they were excited that Cruzer Pizza is only minutes away from school.