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5 Reasons Why You NEED to Intern at COK!

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For some, summer is just about a few trips to the beach, the occasional cookout, or getting the perfect tan. But for a select few, it’s about how many leaflets you can distribute at the upcoming street festival or persuading an area restaurant to offer vegan options. If the latter sounds like you (or you want it to sound like you), then read on for these five reasons why you need to apply for a COK outreach internship:

1. The Events: An internship at COK is a guaranteed way of mixing business and pleasure. Whether it’s leafleting the 4th of July Parade, working the box office at the screening of a new pro-veg documentary, volunteering at a farmed animal sanctuary, or marching in the Pride Parade with local dining guides in hand, you are guaranteed to have fun and make the most out of your summer!

2. The People: Few internships offer access to as many like-minded compassionate coworkers, volunteers, and members of the public and so many chances to make lasting friendships and gain access to valuable networking opportunities in one of two major job markets (near our DC and LA area offices).

3. The Professional Development: In an increasingly competitive job market, it is essential to demonstrate that you have perfectly honed communications, technical, time management, and event/project-planning skills, which are precisely what an internship at COK has to offer you. You will also have the opportunity to work in common web platforms and desktop applications used by leading nonprofits, with comprehensive training in each application, as needed.

4. The Food: Don’t lie, we know you’re wondering, “If I’m in an all-vegan office, will there be delicious food?” The answer is yes! From intern appreciation lunches to sampling new products for web features to prepping and tasting food for feed-ins, you will have ample opportunities to enjoy and expand upon your knowledge of meat-, egg-, and dairy-free cooking.

5. The Animals: intern at cokThough everyone has unique goals and interests to pursue during their internship, we all have one underlying value: compassion for farmed animals. You will certainly take home with you the invaluable knowledge that you have worked hard to educate the public about the benefits of vegetarian and vegan eating and expose the cruelties inherent to modern factory farming. And speaking of animals, did we mention our offices are dog-friendly? You’ll get to hang out with some of our charming four-legged furry friends, like Tin-Tin and Hermione in LA, or Jezy in DC (pictured, left to right).

We know some internships in DC or LA can be hard given the cost of living on each coastal city, so we are now offering stipends—upon request—to our full-time outreach interns! For students, we are even able to help you get college credit or authorized high school volunteer hours. Ready to apply, or want to learn more? Get started and intern at COK today!

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