Subway Introduces Falafel in the Nation’s Capital

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Last year, we shared the news about Subway’s vegan test menu in eight DC-area locations that was so popular, stores ran out of the vegan patties within a few short weeks. Several of the restaurant managers told us the vegan menu was tremendously successful, and they’ve been eager to satisfy customer demand by putting heartier and healthier plant-based options back on the menu.

One year after the vegan test menu ended, we, along with several Subway stores – and thousands of customers – have been patiently waiting for the company to take the next plant-based step.

Animal Outlook has a new campaign update: we’re excited to let you know that plant-based options are starting to reappear at Subway.

With large window signs calling out to “Veggie Lovers,” dozens of Subway stores in and around the nation’s capital have introduced a falafel sandwich. Available for a limited time, the falafel itself is vegan,* although it’s advertised with a cucumber sauce that contains dairy. No worries though — as with other sandwiches at Subway, your falafel sub can easily be customized.

While falafel is a new menu option in the DC-area, Subway stores throughout Chicago served it for nearly two years (it was just removed from most menus this fall), and it’s also available in select Canadian locations. With enough customer interest, we hope this option will expand to other markets across North America.

falafelWondering where to get Subway’s falafel in DC?  We’ve called over a hundred area locations and confirmed that at least two dozen Subway stores are currently serving this chick pea patty. Check out our convenient map to find a location near you – and stay tuned for updates as more locations are added to the list.

Wish Subway would add falafel or other vegan options to its menus nationwide? Visit WeLoveSubway.com today or call 203-877-4281 to let Subway know that there’s an increasing consumer demand for healthier and more humane food choices.


* Ingredients: Water, toasted chick peas, spices, dehydrated parsley, dehydrated onion, salt, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated red bell pepper, toasted wheat crumbs, modified cellulose, modified corn starch.

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