“Kitten Lady” Hannah Shaw Speaks Out for Baby Cows Too

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You may know her from YouTube as the Kitten Lady, a baby cat rescuer and advocate who’s taken the internet by storm–and this time Hannah Shaw is speaking up for a different kind of orphaned animal: baby cows in the dairy industry. Join her TODAY in telling pizza giant Little Caesars it’s time to take a slice out of cruelty by dishing out vegan cheese.

Hannah Shaw has built a career out of protecting the tiniest and most vulnerable felines, offering resources, workshops, and consulting services to communities nationwide, alongside a viral social media presence featuring her pint-sized rescues that’s led her to be featured on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell and in publications like People Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

A staunch animal advocate, Hannah is also a 15-year vegan who empathizes with the plight of mother and baby cows who are ripped apart by the dairy industry so that humans can drink the milk produced by the mother cows for their calves. Each year, over a half million cows languish on dairy farms, forcibly impregnated and separated from their babies–who will ultimately be turned into veal or be used as milk machines themselves–for Little Caesars’ cheese supplier Leprino Foods.

That’s why today, the Kitten Lady has joined the 100,000 people who have signed our petition urging Little Caesars to take a massive slice out of this cruelty.

Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw tells Little Caesar's, "Having a plant-based pizza on the menu at Little Caesars will be a victory for our health, for our earth, and for the animals."

There’s never been a better time for Little Caesars to get in the game: Vegan cheese sales are sizzling! Domino’s New Zealand recently joined the growing list of chains offering vegan cheese, following in the footsteps of its Australian counterpart, alongside Pizza Hut UK and US chains like Blaze Pizza and Mellow Mushroom.

Little Caesars is falling behind by dishing out misery with every slice of mozzarella. Join Hannah TODAY in telling Little Caesars to catch up with the competition and offer vegan cheese! Click here to send a quick message using our sample below, then double your impact by signing and sharing the petition.

SAMPLE MESSAGE: “Little Caesars, I can’t wait for you to dish out vegan cheese! Over 100,000 people have signed Compassion Over Killing’s petition to tell you that plant-based sales are sizzling, and it’s time to catch up with competitors like Domino’s Australia, Blaze Pizza, and Pizza Hut UK that are already getting a slice of the action. Please add dairy-free cheese to your menu for millions to enjoy! Thank you.”

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