2017: Seven Easy Ways to Help Animals In The New Year

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2017: Helping animals in the new year

As we say goodbye to 2016, we hope you’re as ready as we are to jump-start the New Year with refreshed energy to embrace all the opportunities for change.

Though we know many challenges may lie ahead, farm animals have good reason for hope: You.

And Animal Outlook is here to inspire and empower you to put your compassion into action.  Are you ready to turn a new page for animals as you turn the calendar to 2017? 

Here are seven easy actions you can take to have a positive impact for animals — and the world — in 2017: 

1. Join Meatless Mondays: Each of us has the power to stand up for animals every time we sit down to eat. Whether you’re opting for meat-free meals on Mondays or leaving animals off your plate every day, your compassionate choices have an impact. Already vegan? Encourage, inspire and empower seven people to go meatless on Mondays. Visit TryVeg.com for lots of recipes and more.

2. Sign and share a petition: Petitions can be an effective way to spread the word and apply pressure to create significant change. With so many easy online petition sites like Change.org and Care2.com available, it takes just seconds to sign your name for a cause. Start today by signing and sharing our petitions to help protect farmed pigs and farmed chickens.

3. Lend your support: Pick a charity that inspires you, and put your money where your heart is. Give what you can, because every amount counts, no matter how small. Just by skipping a latte and donating that money to a non-profit animal protection organization, you are making a difference. There are plenty of groups who will put your generous support to good use — including Animal Outlook.

4. Volunteer: Think globally, act locally. When you volunteer with an animal sanctuary, rescue or other animal protection group near you, you are truly making a world of difference for animals in need. We know you’re busy, so just give the time you can spare. Ask for tasks and roles that use your talents and passions, whether it’s writing or social media, or getting hands on experience with animals at a sanctuary.

5. Be social and share: You’re probably on social media most days, so why not use this powerful tool to speak up for animals? Sometimes just sharing a blog post, petition, article or meme can truly amplify a message — and you never know who you might inspire to make more compassionate choices. Next time you see something worth sharing — whether it’s an undercover investigation or a cute farm animal photo — share, share, share. And visit us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

stick-to-vegan-eating6. Encourage vegan options near you: Restaurants and stores want to hear from you, the consumer. And just by asking for a vegan or vegetarian option, you can change a menu. You can also ask mega-chains like Dunkin’ to add vegan options.

7. Show your support for vegan eating: Show the world that you support a plant-based future with our new sticker packs. Visit our marketplace for details and other items like t-shirts, mugs or more. Plus – every purchase made in our store directly supports our work to help expose the cruelty of factory farming and encouraging a vegan lifestyle. 

It’s never too soon — or too late — to start protecting animals, the planet and your health. 

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