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All Moms Need Your Love on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating our own mom as well as moms around the world.

This special holiday also offers an opportunity to express our compassion for all mothers, including those who sadly spend their lives on factory farms: mother pigs, mother cows, and mother chickens.

Here are five reasons to celebrate mother’s day with a delicious vegan meal that everyone, including the animals, will enjoy:

Hens will go to great lengths to build a safe nest to lay their eggs. Yet on egg factory farms, most hens are crammed inside tiny wire cages, unable to even stretch their wings or walk, let alone build a nest.

Hens turn their eggs several times an hour, clucking to their mother's daybabies who chirp in response. Sadly, chickens in both the meat and egg industries start their lives in industrial hatcheries and will never see their mothers.

Mother pigs spend hours diligently building a safe and protective nest, sometimes walking several miles to find the right spot. On factory farms, however, most pregnant pigs are nearly immobilized inside narrow gestation crates that are barely wider than their bodies.

Piglets nurse from their mom for up to 12 weeks, but on factory farms, they’re taken away after about 2 weeks. Mother pigs are then quickly re-impregnated and stuffed back inside gestation crates to start the cycle over again.

Cows form powerful and life-long bonds with their calves. Yet on dairy factories where cows are impregnated to induce milk production, their calves are taken away often on the same day they’re born. Her milk is then collected for human consumption. Mother cows have been known to pace, continuously bellow, and ram their bodies into the bars of their pens after their calves are taken away.

Are you ready to show your mom – and moms everywhere – just how much you care? Here are some quick and easy vegan recipe ideas for a mom-friendly Mother’s Day menu:

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