FDA Ruling: Just Mayo Can Still Be Called Mayo

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According to an important new ruling by the Food and Drug Administration, it turns out that Just Mayo made without eggs is, well … it still can be called mayo.  And while this may not have been a debate in most consumers’ minds, the egg industry has been scrambling to thwart the success of Just Mayo, a popular plant-based (egg-free) product that has been flying off store shelves.

mayoHampton Creek — the sustainable, cruelty-free company behind Just Mayo — has come to an agreement with the FDA about the name of its popular product, which is good news for consumers and animals!

As reported today in Quartz: “The company says it has worked out an agreement with the US Food and Drug Administration that will let it keep the name of its ‘Just Mayo’ vegan mayo, as long as it makes some changes to its labeling.”

The new label clearly states that Just Mayo is egg-free. And CEO Josh Tetrick told Quartz it will emphasize the word “just”—not as in “only” but as in “guided by reason, justice, and fairness.”

This all comes after an August letter from the FDA warning Hampton Creek that its vegan mayo was “misleading.”

After the letter was made public, a Freedom of Information Act later revealed emails showing that the American Egg Board (an organization overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture) had targeted Hampton Creek for a take-down. AEB was trying to prevent Just Mayo from being sold at Whole Foods and it even made joking threats of violence against Just Mayo CEO Josh Tetrick.

As Quartz aptly described the whole ordeal: “There is literally a US government conspiracy against vegan mayo.”

The Mayo Wars, as it was dubbed by the media, received massive attention, and consumers were widely outraged by the actions of a quasi-governmental organization. After the expose, the AEB’s CEO ended up stepping down. 

All in all, the FDA’s decision to let Just Mayo keep its name is a huge victory for the vegan movement. Hampton’s Creek spread is a healthier, more sustainable, and cruelty-free improvement on traditional mayonnaise, and consumers — omnivore and herbivore alike — love it.

The company is making it easier for people to choose compassion, and what’s better — or more Just — than that?

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    I could not believe when I came to Whole Foods this morning to get (reluctantly) another jar of the equivalent of their mayonnaise. It could not compare with the sparkling fresh taste of JUST Mayo. Our whole family (veggie people) is waiting for this product. So glad that you finally won this un-JUST war.
    Thank you!

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