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Three Birds Every Second: Horrifying High-Speed Slaughter

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In November 2018, Compassion Over Killing released gut-wrenching undercover footage exposing the horrors of high-speed chicken slaughter at Amick Farms in Maryland. This horrifying footage showed chickens being punched, kicked, and thrown, as well as being left to slowly drown during equipment breakdowns. Our investigator even found “red birds” with blood still under their skin–meaning they likely entered the scalding tank while still alive.

Despite concern from animal and workers’ groups alike, the USDA is plowing ahead with plans to allow even more slaughterhouses to increase their line speeds, endangering millions of animals, workers, and consumers nationwide. The federal agency recently announced its intention to begin rule-making later this year that could allow thousands of poultry plants to run at the same horrifying pace as Amick Farms.

This National Poultry Day, a new Compassion Over Killing video is shining a bright light on the terrors we documented inside high-speed chicken slaughterhouse Amick Farms. Watch & share the shocking 30-second video, and then help us keep the pressure on the USDA to end high-speed slaughter through a generous donation today!

The short video opens with horrifying shots from the Amick Farms slaughter line, along with the text “Three Birds Every Second”—the heartbreaking number of animals killed on just one slaughter line at just one slaughter plant under the USDA’s cruel high-speed slaughter program.

This footage is certainly an argument against this cruel policy, but Amick Farms and the USDA have yet to admit the disastrous effects of running kill lines at recklessly fast speeds of up to 175 birds slaughtered every minute, causing workers to make critical errorsand put themselves in dangeras they rush to keep up.

With your support, we have teamed up with elite athletes, delivered more than a quarter million signatures to the USDA’s doorstep, and written a hard-hitting letter signed by more than 30 diverse organizations in opposition to the USDA’s dangerous high-speed pig and poultry slaughter plans.

After sharing our new video, help us keep the pressure on the USDA to stand up for animals against the profit-driven chicken industry this National Poultry Day. Spread your wings for birds with a generous donation to our work TODAY! It’s fast, easy, and secure.

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