We’re For the Birds: 3 Ways COK’s Helping Chickens

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This National Chicken Month and beyond, celebrate our feathered friends by seeing them as the individuals they are–not food. By keeping animals off our plates we can safeguard animal lives, the environment, and our own health.

Each September, the poultry industry promotes National Chicken Month in a desperate attempt to boost slumping sales after grilling season. To us, this month is about chickens, not chicken.

Though September is nearly over, Compassion Over Killing works for chickens year-round — and you can help!

Here are some of the ways we’re standing up against cruelty and instead spreading the wings of compassion.

Undercover Investigations

The animal agriculture industry spends millions of dollars on marketing in order to normalize and encourage meat consumption, often leading people to continue consuming animals against our better judgement and values. Advertisements and labeling lead us to believe that chickens are happy and healthy before they are killed for our dinner, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

That’s why COK works to open the factory farm doors and reveal the gut-wrenching truth behind animal agribusiness.

For example, despite a “Commitment to Animal Well-Being” touted by market leader Tyson Foods, COK investigators have revealed egregious acts of cruelty on factory farms in the poultry titan’s supply chain. A COK investigation of a Tyson farm revealed chickens punched, kicked, or thrown, and even crushed to death by forklifts. Our hard-hitting video prompted Tyson to end the brutal practice of using “nose bones — soon followed by Perdue, Wayne Farms, and House of Raeford — and drove groundbreaking convictions in the first-ever trials for animal cruelty to chickens raised for meat.  

Undercover footage reveals chickens farmed for food in overcrowded and filthy conditions on a Pilgrim’s Pride farm.

A later investigation at another Tyson plant also revealed shocking violence, including birds being violently kicked or slammed, and even impaled with a metal nail at the end of a pipe.

Our investigators’ cameras are still rolling–and will continue for as long as corporations are committing horrific acts of cruelty against chickens and other farmed animals. Their heroic work is strengthened by your support. Click here to stand with our brave investigators.


At COK, we’re committed to creating a compassionate world where kinder, healthier, and more sustainable vegan options are accessible to all. Our innovative Corporate Campaigns department works with Investigations to react to animal cruelties with strong petitions to end barbaric and harmful practices, as well as push companies to instead invest in plant-based foods.

COK has led many successful campaigns with the help of our many dedicated supporters and volunteers. Recent victories include coffee giants Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts pouring out non-dairy milk options, and now even the addition of new vegan foods at Starbucks.

Our campaigns are impacting the lives of millions of egg-laying hens, as well. After COK pressure, BOCA stopped using eggs in their vegetarian line completely (though some items still use dairy ingredients.) As nearly 50,000 people have signed our petition to BOCA, the company recently unveiled a one-of-a-kind vegan turkey burger!

Food companies like BOCA, Lightlife, and Quorn continue to add fully-vegan options–making vegan eating more accessible for families all over the United States.

COK sends a message into the sky at Tyson-sponsored poultry festival: cruelty won’t fly!

Our campaigns team also works in coalition with other animal organizations to pressure corporations like McDonald’s to stop breeding birds for cruel rapid growth. These efforts have culminated in huge actions like a 200+ activist demonstration at a Los Angeles McDonald’s, a Times Square billboard exposing cruelty against chickens, and even a singing chicken.

Want to get involved in a campaign? Join us by asking Dunkin’ Donuts for a vegan donut. Plus, vote in the #DonutWars! Will Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme be first to roll out a vegan donut?


Compassion Over Killing’s dedicated Outreach & Education department advocates for chickens every day by encouraging vegan eating and offering thousands nationwide the resources to make their transition to vegan easier than ever. COK Vegan Food & Lifestyle Coach, Jessica Carter is always cooking up recipes on TryVeg.com that highlight cruelty-free alternatives that are simple to make, tasty, and way better for both chickens and consumers.

COK travels all over doing cooking demos and outreach events nationwide–whether that means crossing the country and connecting with thousands of people on our Beyond The Lies tours, or hosting our free annual DC VegFest, one of the biggest vegan festivals in the country.

Volunteers run the Compassion Over Killing table at our annual DC VegFest.

Go to TryVeg.com to check out one of our many educational pamphlets on vegan eating–including our Vegan Starter Guide, Easy Vegan Recipes, Eating Sustainably and more, plus resources from vegan experts like the African American Vegan Starter Guide by Tracye McQuirter.

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