Eight Easy Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day

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There are so many reasons to choose vegan foods—billions, in fact. Sadly, more than nine billion birds, pigs, and cows are killed each year for food in the U.S. (and that staggering number doesn’t include the billions more aquatic animals who suffer the same fate annually).

Thankfully, with more and more vegan options sprouting up, it’s easier than ever before to choose compassionate foods. On World Vegan Day (Nov. 1) — and for World Vegan Month (Nov.), we’re sharing eight simple ways to celebrate the compassionate choices we can make to defend these billions of sentient animals who need, and deserve, our voices.


  1. Whip up that vegan recipe that you’ve been drooling over, but just haven’t tried yet. Don’t have one in mind? Here are some simple, tried-and-true recipe ideas.
  2. Gather your friends and family for a vegan potluck. Make sure to share the recipes that wowed the crowd so that every guest walks away with a few more vegan meals to try at home.
  3. Leaflet or host a feed-in to educate others about the many benefits of going meat-, egg- and dairy-free. Contact us for free literature.
  4. Open your home to family and friends for a vegan movie night. A few of our fave films? Vegucated,  The Ghosts in Our Machine, and Forks Over Knives.
  5. Eat at your favorite vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant, and ask soon-to-be-vegan friends to join you. Order a variety of dishes so they can sample the many fabulous flavors of animal-free foods.
  6. Post your favorite farm animal photo on social media with brief info that educates and welcomes all to explore vegan eating. Invite your friends to “SHARE if you love animals too!”
  7. Visit a farm animal sanctuary, and bring a friend along if you can! It’s inspiring and eye-opening to meet rescued farm animals and get to know these remarkable beings as individuals.
  8. Join us so that we can, together, spare more animals from suffering.

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