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Quorn Invests £7 million into Vegan R&D and “Bleeding” Vegan Burger

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Quorn, one of the world’s leading brands in frozen meat alternatives, announced that it is investing £7 million (about $9 million US) into vegan research and development.

The UK-based company intends to open a research and development facility in their North Yorkshire headquarters as a response to a 12% rise in sales in just the first half of this year. As more and more consumers demand plant-based foods, Quorn is striving to remain a leader in the meatless food space and expand its reach and impact by focusing on fully vegan foods.

The Guardian reports that the meatless company hopes to develop a bleeding vegan burger–likely to keep up with competitors like the Beyond Burger and Impossible Meat.

While some of its products still contain eggs, Quorn began rolling back their contribution to the cruel egg industry in 2011 in response to a Compassion Over Killing campaign. Working with COK, Quorn announced that it would introduce a vegan burger (its first 100% vegan item!) and begin reducing egg use overall.

In 2016, COK’s continued communication with Quorn prompted the company to roll out an entire fully vegan line of foods like chicken and burgers.

Consumers, especially younger generations, are eating significantly less meat. According to market research by Nielsen, 39% of Americans are “actively trying to eat more plant-based foods,” and last year these veg products made up 20% of the money US consumers spent on foods and beverages last year. Quorn’s sales are up 23% in the US, and up a staggering 50% in Australia.

In addition to investing £7 million into vegan research, Quorn is adding a manufacturing plant to double production of their most popular meat-free items like mince alternatives made out of mycoprotein.

Quorn is one of the many companies to react to COK campaigns and agree to reduce egg usage. Morningstar Farms has begun to reduce egg ingredients, and Lightlife and BOCA have both gone completely egg-free as a result of COK compaigns.  

Beginning to reduce the tremendous amount of eggs consumed in the US each year is certainly a step, but we want companies like BOCA to cut out the cruelty completely–including dairy ingredients. Click here to sign the petition urging parent company Kraft Heinz to “kraft” a better BOCA and go fully vegan for animals, the planet, and our health.

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