Flexitarians Want Vegan Options Too

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Earlier this year, Chipotle added vegan sofritas to its menus in California, and it’s so popular it already accounts for 5 percent of sales. The company says about one-third of Sofrita eaters are not vegan but rather consumers trying to eat less meat. This shift towards more plant-based foods is further reflected in a recent survey showing that one-third of Americans are buying veggie meats, the majority of whom are not vegan or vegetarian – but rather flexitarians.

With so many people reaching for vegetarian options, restaurants are taking notice — even McDonald’s in Canada is responding to consumer demand. And it’s definitely time for Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, to do the same.

After a successful test-run of vegan options in the DC-area last summer, Subway customers nationwide — including flexitarians — are still waiting for a hearty vegan option. Here’s what some of them are saying:

  • “I’m watching my weight, so I recently stopped eating meat. I also don’t want my wife and kids to have the same health problems I do. But I don’t want to give up the taste of meat. Bring on the veggie meat, Subway!” – Carlos Garcia, El Paso, TX
  • “I keep kosher and always order a Veggie Delite when I visit Subway. It would be wonderful to have more vegetarian options to choose from [in] the greater Akron, Ohio area!” – Laurel Gress, Wadsworth, OH
  • “I’m not a vegetarian, but a few years ago, I went vegan to lower my cholesterol. Before then, I hadn’t tried veggie meats, and I was in for a very tasty surprise. I still eat the veggie meats pretty regularly. I tried the Subway “riblet.” I would order that every time if you kept it on the menu!” – John Darklesen, Arlington, VA
  • “Please bring the vegan options to the menu nationwide. I am not a vegan, or a strict vegetarian, but I always get the veggie when I get Subway, as do my 3 kids and we would love more options!!!!” – Joy Robinson, Ravenna, OH
  • “I have a vegan coworker who has turned me onto meatless meals. I am not a vegan, but I would appreciate the choice of a non-meat alternative! Please add the vegan choices to the East Peoria Illinois menu! Eat Fresh!! Eat Vegan!” – Amy Valentine, East Peoria , IL

Offering heart-healthy, animal-friendly fare is win-win for everyone! When will Subway give consumers what they want? Urge Subway to add veggie meats at WeLoveSubway.com.

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