Moms Edie Falco and Kara Lang Romero Spread Kindness for Cows this Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day, actor Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie, The Sopranos) and Olympic soccer player Kara Lang Romero are teaming up as fellow moms for mother cows and their babies suffering in the dairy industry. JOIN IN: Send a quick, polite Facebook message to Nestlé urging it to ditch dehorning and churn out more vegan options TODAY (see our sample message below)!

Edie and Kara join the more than 15,000 people who have spoken up against Nestlé’s nightmare since the release of Compassion Over Killing’s shocking investigation. After being alerted to the abuse we documented, Nestlé responded that it immediately severed ties with Martin Farms. However, the company has yet to address the systemic nature of the issues our investigation uncovered.

We exposed brutal yet everyday practices that can be seen inside dairy farms across the country, including bloody hoof trimming; the heartbreaking separation of day-old calves from their loving mothers; and hot irons being burned into calves’ flesh to permanently destroy their horns and growth tissue in a cruel process known as “dehorning” or “disbudding,” used at 94% of US dairies.

As the world’s largest food and dairy company, Nestlé has the ability—and the responsibility—to implement immediate systemic changes to push the dairy industry forward by eliminating the cruel removal of calves’ horns and horn tissue for its products once and for all.

So mothers Edie and Kara (a Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductee and vegan nutritionist) are lending their voices to COK’s campaign, appealing to the food giant: “Nestlé, show kindness to mother cows and their babies. Ditch dehorning & churn out vegan options!”

Join in: Tell Nestlé to take a slice out of cruelty to cows by ending horn removal and shifting to vegan protein TODAY! Send a quick, polite Facebook message using our sample below or your own comment.

SAMPLE MESSAGE: I’m writing to urge Nestlé to be kind to mother cows and their babies this Mother’s Day. A recent Compassion Over Killing investigation exposed shocking cruelty in your supply chain, and simply cutting ties with one farm isn’t enough. I urge you to be a true food leader by ditching cruel horn removal and churning out more vegan options! Thank you.

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