8 Vegan Chocolates That’ll Make Your Life Complete

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Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth for chocolate? And going vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite treat; there are plenty of dairy-free options to satisfy your chocolate craving!

Next time you need a delicious dessert, here are eight of our favorites:

Whaddayalove Chocolates Unicorn Sparkle Bar
This uber-sparkly treat is the newest creation from Whaddyalove Chocolates. Inspired by
Conrad the Unicorn®, the bar features pure cacao beans, cane sugar, cacao butter, and Himalayan salt topped with an edible sparkle glitter. Unicorns are everything.


Chocolate No Whey Candy Bars
Forget Snickers. NO WHEY!’s version of the popular snack uses a crunchy nougat, vegan caramel, and a milk-free chocolate coating. It’s everything you love about the original with none of the cruelty (or allergens).

Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Dark Chocolate
The “accidentally vegan” Extravaganza from this veg-friendly grocer is a whopping pound (plus) of chocolate. It’s 54% cacao and all kinds of delicious.

Go Max Go Mahalo Bar
When coconut meets chocolate, it’s a melt-in-your-mouth meet-cute. The Mahalo Bar by Go Max Go Foods pairs lightly sweetened coconut with almonds and a chocolatey coating. So good.


Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with 88% Cocoa
If you wanna save the world (you’re eating vegan — of course you do!), Endangered Species Chocolate’s 88% cocoa bar is an amazing option. It’s dark chocolate deliciousness, and you’ll learn more about black panthers thanks to the label. Plus — your purchase helps conservation efforts!

Amy’s Dreamy Bar
What’s dreamier than creamy chocolate nougat? Nothing. And when it’s topped with a smooth chocolate coating, it’s candy bar dreams come true. Amy’s nailed it.

Newman’s Own Organic Dark Chocolate Bars 70% Cocoa
If you’re looking for an organic treat that’s heavy on the cocoa, Newman’s has you covered. Score one of these super-chocolatey bars for a road trip, a plane ride, or just ‘cuz you deserve it.

Sjaak’s ‘Melk’ with Creamy Caramel Bar
Everything Sjaak’s makes is magical, and their dairy-free ‘Melk’ chocolate bar is no exception. It’s filled with super-creamy vegan caramel, so you can get your chocolate-caramel fix.

Featured photo: Sjaak’s

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  1. They’re all in fact terrible except Amy’s dreamy bar and Sjaak’s. Why? Some endangered species chocolates include milk and just are bad dark chocolates. Same with the Trader Joe’s; dark and can be used as shaved chocolate topping, not for eating as a snack. The go max go bars are all low quality or made too sweet and same for the no whey products; just low quality like biting in to sugar. Try charm school chocolate, vego hazelnut bars or simple truth green tea white chocolate

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