Chipotle Vegan Sofritas Go National

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Chipotle has been testing a new vegan product in major cities on the East and West coasts for the past year. The product’s popularity encouraged the company to expand the test into more markets, and now, to the delight of hungry consumers across the country, Chipotle is changing its classic menu for the first time in its 20-year history to make room for this vegan product — spicy tofu Sofritas — as a permanent feature offered in all of its restaurants nationwide. 

Fast Company reported this news, noting that “customer feedback has been positive and tofu burritos, tofu tacos, and tofu bowls make up 3% of sales in restaurants, and that’s with ‘very little marketing,'” according to Chipotle communications director Chris Arnold.

Culinary manager Nate Appleman also offered that adding a vegan option is consistent with the brand’s strategy of promoting sustainable farming. “It could cut into the sales of meat and also maybe help reduce meat consumption…growing soy is less harmful on the environment than raising a cow just because the earth energy it takes to raise a 2,000-pound steer versus soybeans is completely different.”

The Sofritas are made from organic, non-GMO tofu developed by Oakland, CA-based Hodo Soy and braised with a variety of peppers and spices which lends a hearty smoky flavor similar to chorizo. It also costs the same modest price as the veggie burrito bowl, or taco (without the guacamole).

Chipotle, with more than 1,500 locations from coast to coast, understands that consumers everywhere are hungry for delicious protein-packed meat-free meals. Wouldn’t it be great if Subway, the world’s largest restaurant franchise with more than 41,000 locations, added a “meaty” vegan option too?

Help make it happen: Visit or call the main office at 203-877-4281 to tell the company you want a protein-packed vegan choice – for your health, for the planet and for animals.

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