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One of our favorite health resources,, just got a new look – and we are absolutely loving it!

The new and improved site, produced by the esteemed nutritional expert Dr. Michael Greger, features short videos and blogs on the latest in clinical nutrition that are as entertaining as they are educational. The site covers nearly two thousand health topics from gluten-free diets to the dangers of eating animal products. Heard of kombucha or chlorella but don’t know if they’re good for you? Dr. Greger can answer any and all questions for you. What about all the mixed messages about soy? Asked and answered on

NutritionFacts is funded entirely by donations (there’s no corporate sponsorship) and it conveniently sifts through all the noise from product manufacturers and diet marketers to help us make the most informed decisions about how best to care for our bodies. Offered as a free public service devoid of corporate influence, the forum reflects no opinions, just summaries of the science presented in incredibly easy-to-understand layman’s terms.

In addition to the improved functionality and streamlined navigation, we love the alphabetized and easy to sort health topics in the left-hand sidebar. We also dig the larger image of the latest nutrition video on the home page, and the larger fonts and headlines throughout the site. Helpful new pages include: FAQVolunteer Opportunities, Employment Opportunities, Media InquiriesSpeaking Inquiries, and Donor Rewards and Recognition.

Go ahead and take a look around today! You’re guaranteed to have fun clicking from link to link, as well as to learn something new. In fact, millions of people of all dietary preferences visit every year. And as they are exposed to the site’s evidence-based messages on nutrition, they’re learning that making the healthful choice is usually the compassionate choice, too.

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