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“Bad Ass Vegan” John Lewis Tells BOCA: Ditch Dairy

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In celebration of National Hamburger Day, fitness expert and influencer John Lewis, also known as Bad Ass Vegan, is teaming up with Animal Outlook to kick dairy out of BOCA’s burgers for good. 

BOCA is already moving the brand in the right direction: Since the start of Animal Outlook’s campaign, and thanks to the nearly 50,000 of you who have signed our petition, BOCA has gone mostly vegan. Yet, despite the fact that ditching dairy would ‘behoof’ cows as well as consumers looking for vegan products, BOCA is still clinging to cruel dairy in its All-American burger, as well as its bowls and its new skillet meals.

Meanwhile, its competitors are paving the way for the plant-powered revolution with innovative new burgers, like Lightlife’s “bleeding” vegan burger and MorningStar’s upcoming vegan “Cheezeburger.” With companies like MorningStar and Lightlife going completely vegan and opening up all their products to a wider (and rapidly growing!) market, once-household name BOCA is falling behind.

So this National Hamburger Day, social media star and athlete John Lewis has joined Animal Outlook in telling the food giant to drop the dairy from its All-American burger and other products, writing, “You don’t need cow’s milk for All-American muscle, BOCA. Cut out cruelty. Ditch dairy.”

Help BOCA see that consumers’ appetite for cow’s milk is decreasing–and a vegan product line is the future. Send the brand a quick message today using our sample below (or your own polite words).

SAMPLE MESSAGE: Happy National Hamburger Day! BOCA’s competitors like MorningStar Farms and Lightlife are going vegan, with innovative new burgers like Lightlife’s “bleeding” vegan burger and MorningStar’s vegan “Cheezeburger.” When will BOCA catch up? Consumers’ appetite for cow’s milk is dwindling. It’s time for BOCA to ditch dairy from the All-American Burger and other products and go vegan. Thank you.

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