10 Easy Ways to Spread the Vegan Love This Holiday Season

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Time is ticking, the holidays are in full swing — and you’ve only got a limited window left to soak up the seasonal spirit and spread the love. After all, isn’t that what this time of year is all about?

So, if you wanna spread compassion and cheer for ALL, we have some ideas for ways to introduce people to the awesomeness of animals at the most magical time of year.

Host a vegan cookie swap.

With gazillions of recipes for delicious dairy- and egg-free cookies out there, it’s easy and fun to host a swap with friends and neighbors. Have everyone choose a cookie, share their recipe, and get together to trade and eat sugary deliciousness.


Cook some delicious dishes for your pre-vegan friends and family.
Sometimes the way to a person’s heart totally is through their stomach — and with vegan eating, showing people how totally delicious plant-based food can be is a key element in convincing them to make some dietary changes. Pick a few key recipes that any eater will love and bring dishes along to holiday gatherings. Try some Chili Mac, “Chicken” Quesadillas, or Lots of Layers Lasagna.


Buy animal-friendly gifts.
There are so many compassionate gift options these days, from vegan makeup to fashion to food. When you’re picking presents for your friends and loved ones, opt for creative, animal-friendly options like a COK t-shirt, a vegan food delivery subscription like 22 Days Nutrition, or a makeup palette from Kat Von D.

Donate to a compassionate charity.
Tis the season for giving, and nothing says love like donating to a charity that’s helping to change the world. If you have the extra funds, give to an animal sanctuary, an advocacy group like COK, or another nonprofit you respect and admire. Through December 31st, your donation to COK will be matched, doubling your impact for animals!


Tell people about all the awesome new animal product substitutes.

From the just-announced Beyond Sausage to the Beyond Burger to the Tofurky Ham Roast and so many more, there are endless options for a kinder holiday table. Talk to people at the grocery store, share the news with your co-workers, and share the info via social media.

Visit an animal sanctuary.
Nothing says holiday warm fuzzies like spending time with rescued animals. The cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other animals who are lucky enough to live out their lives in sanctuaries have amazing stories of abuse, resilience, and forgiveness. When they get to thrive and survive the horrific industries they came from, it’s truly a holiday miracle.


Instead of gifts, ask for donations.
Compassion is the gift that keeps giving! You can ask your friends and family to donate to a sanctuary or other animal-focused charity in lieu of presents. It’s a kind, thoughtful way to dedicate your holiday to something bigger than yourself.

Rescue an animal.
While gifting animals is always a terrible idea (they often end up in shelters or abandoned) — if you’re in the market for a new addition to the family yourself, visit your local shelter and find a forever friend. A rescue pup, kitty, bunny, or other critter will bring more joy into your life — and the lives of those around you.

Wear compassionate holiday gear.

Nowadays, more companies than ever are making super-fashionable vegan apparel that spreads a compassionate message while keeping you looking awesome. Companies like Alba Paris, Redbubble, and TrendNationShirts make super-cute Christmas and holiday-themed vegan sweaters.

Go vegan.
If you’re interested in a vegan diet but aren’t quite sure how to get started, now’s the perfect time to make the transition! It’s almost a new year, and what better time to make a new resolution? You have the power to stand up for love and compassion every time you sit down to a meal — and with so many vegan foods available, it’s easier than ever before!

Explore TryVeg.com for all kinds of ideas on how to get started.

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