Chrystal’s Story: Why I Went Undercover

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Chrystal Ferber didn’t grow up thinking some day she’d wear a hidden camera and risk it all by going behind the closed doors of a giant industry desperate to keep its dark and violent secrets tucked away from public view. In fact, when she watched an undercover video of factory farming for the first time, she was so horrified, she could barely keep her eyes open until the end.

So how did she decide she has what it takes to go undercover? As she notes in our powerful new video (embedded below), she felt compelled to shine a light on the horrors forced upon farmed animals every day:

“One day I realized that, I couldn’t stay in my comfort zone anymore because investigations are the most powerful tools we have to help animals.”

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What inspired you to become an undercover investigator?

“Undercover videos were the key to my learning about the ways humans exploit animals and fueled my commitment to fight for them. Investigations are critical in fighting the systematic abuses in animal agribusiness, because their business model depends on keeping the public in the dark.

In addition to exposing the truth about the horrors farmed animals endure, undercover videos have led to the shuttering of facilities, animal rescues, and have fueled people to join the movement. For all of these reasons I knew I had to find the courage to do this.”

How has going undercover changed you?

“This has been the most rewarding challenge of my life. During some of the difficult times, I stayed strong by recalling Sophie Scholl’s quote, “How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give [their self] up individually to a righteous cause?” By forcing myself to push through the rough days, I built up my backbone and discovered a level of confidence I never knew I had.”

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