Dolphins Talk to Each Other – and So Do Farm Animals!

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A recent study found that dolphins communicate with each other in “complex chains of words and sentences in a language,” much like humans do, as Tech Times reports. This find is further evidence of the intelligence of these remarkable marine animals.

Dolphins are far from being alone here. They’re joined by many other intelligent animals who communicate in complex ways similar to that of humans. If animals who are raised and killed for food could speak in ways we understood, or if we listened to them at all, we might hear them say: “Please leave us off your plate!”

Ready to listen?  OK, here are some examples of how farm animals communicate:

Fish: Fish have underwater conversations! They’re communicating using electrical pulses or even grunts, chirps, groans or other noises. Did you know fish can also use tools and multi-task, and have excellent memories? Learn more about our finned friends in the recent book, “What a Fish Knows” by Jonathan Balcombe (and catch his talk at COK’s DC VegFest 2016 on September 24!).

Cows: Cows and their calves call to each other using individual sounds like dolphins do, similar to humans calling to each other by name. Researchers also found that mother cows make a different high-pitched sound when their calf is not in sight — and dairy cows, often bellow and cry out when their calves are forcibly separated from their mothers, a routine part of operations in the dairy industry.

Pigs: Researchers have found that pigs have plenty to say! There’s significant meaning behind the noises made by pigs, who squeal to alert other pigs to danger or to reassure, or grunt to tell others where they are. Did you know pigs can understand a mirror image and do puzzles, and are even smarter than our beloved canine companions?

Chickens: As these devoted moms spend hours carefully turning their eggs, hens cluck to their chicks, who chirp back in response. Forced to endure some of the worst cruelty in animal agribusiness, chickens also display empathy for one another and learn faster than a human toddler.

Though farm animals are indeed talking in their own ways, they still need your voice! Join us as we shed light on the hidden suffering of millions of animals.

The best way to help all animals is to leave them off our plates, and it’s easier than ever before. We can help you get started today at!

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