Beyond The Lies Disrupts Animal Ag at Disrupt Festival this Summer

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Compassion Over Killing’s Beyond The Lies tour has just wrapped up its impactful summer tour planting seeds of compassion and challenging viewers to try vegan eating. This year we were able to get on the road with the brand new Disrupt Festival to advocate for animals using our moving investigative video. Plus, awesome COK volunteers and BTL Program Manager Radish XVX repped Beyond The Lies at the final Warped Tour, too!

This inspiring program has reached over 15,000 people, spreading awareness of the suffering of animals raised and killed for food, empowering them to choose compassionate vegan eating. At the festival, attendees were offered $1 to watch our video unveiling the cruel truth of animal agriculture. It includes inspiring footage of rescued farm animals living at sanctuaries, offering the chance to see how the unique personalities of these animals shine through when they’re allowed the freedom to live and be themselves. After they watch the film, viewers had the chance to take action by pledging to choose vegan foods.

Here are a few highlights of our summer on the road: 

Disrupt Festival

Returning Beyond The Lies Crew Members Nico West and Bennet Barone spent their summers doing outreach at the Disrupt Festival from June 19 – July 30. In total, the crew interacted with 1,281 viewers, many of whom pledged to reduce their consumption of animals after watching the video and talking to Nico and Bennet. 

Warped Atlantic City

Former Compassion Over Killing Interns Radhika Gupta and Sajani Fernando represented Beyond The Lies at Warped Atlantic City, NJ on June 29 & 30. Over the two day festival, these awesome advocates interacted with with 116 people!

Warped Mountain View

Program Manager Radish XVX was on the ground with Beyond The Lies at Warped Mountain View, CA July 20 & 21. Celebrating Warped’s 25th and final year, they were able to speak to over 170 viewers in just one weekend!

Over the summer, an estimated 1,567 people watched our documentary, had genuine conversations about animal rights and veganism with friendly, informative people, and opted in for more information about veganism and animal rights! 

“Beyond The Lies has helped people nationwide see the truth behind the lobbying and lies of the meat, dairy, egg, and fishing industries,” said Radish XVX, Compassion Over Killing’s Beyond The Lies Program Manager. “Every view of our video represents an in-depth conversation about animal rights and veganism — and a pledge to eat fewer or no animals.”

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