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Video Prompts USDA to Shut Down Calf Slaughter Plant

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In a new undercover video just released by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), young cows are forced to endure such cruel and inhumane treatment inside a New Jersey slaughter plant that upon reviewing the evidence, the USDA suspended operations.

The footage documents egregious abuses including calves who are too sick or injured to walk being lifted by their tails, pulled by their ears, and shocked, hit, and sprayed with water in an effort to get them to kill floor. In one case, a calf with a broken leg was dragged by a chain tied around his neck.  You can view the video below (embedded).

While current federal regulations prohibit the slaughter of adult cows who can’t walk to the slaughter line, those regulations don’t extend to calves. In other words, downed calves can be – and as this video reveals, often are – subjected to egregious acts of violence. You can help close this loophole by contacting the USDA today.

Sadly, animal cruelty is standard practice in the meat, egg and dairy industries. Compassion Over Killing’s own recent investigations are not only shining a spotlight on these hidden horrors, they’ve led to a dairy cow slaughter plant shut down in California, the closure of a chicken hatchery in California, criminal charges of cruelty to animals in a case still pending in Colorado, and more.

The most effective action each of us can take to stop these abuses is simply by choosing to leave animals off our plates.  Get started today:

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