VIDEO: What Would You “Moo” for a Vegan Klondike Bar?

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In honor of National Ice Cream Day on July 15, Compassion Over Killing asked…what would cows do for a vegan Klondike Bar?

We’ve collected a few of their responses in our new a-moo-sing video!

Starring in this video are individuals rescued from the meat and dairy industries who now get to live out their lives in peace, playing on farm sanctuaries including the Gentle Barn, Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, and Pasado’s Safe Haven.

Life’s no ice cream party for a dairy cow. On dairy factory farms, female cows are repeatedly and forcibly impregnated, and when they give birth, their newborn calves are immediately stolen from them so the milk produced for their babies can be sold to humans. While male calves will likely be confined, slaughtered and their meat marketed as veal, female calves typically enter this same cruel milk-producing cycle.

Dairy cows spend their short lives in conditions far unlike the grassy fields pictured in the video. So what would they do for a dairy-free Klondike Bar?

Check out the video to find out, then take action! Tell Klondike–cows don’t need to scream for delicious ice cream.

ACT NOW: Speak up for cows in the dairy industry by telling Klondike YOU’D jump for joy for a vegan bar. Leave a polite comment for Klondike at bit.ly/VeganKlondike.

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