Vegan-Strong Athletes and Their Stories

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vegan athlete rich roll

TryVeg has partnered with vegan athletes like professional race car driver Leilani Münter; ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll; and one of the world’s strongest men, Patrik Baboumian. In a new series of videos, these three athletes explain what motivated them to go vegan and how eating a plant-based diet has helped them excel in their sport.

These athletes are busting myths that you need meat protein to be healthy and strong, or that you can’t thrive on plant-based foods. Trainers, doctors, nutritionists, and researchers agree: the key to improved strength and better recovery is in plant foods.

And yes–plants have protein!

Whether it’s weightlifting, running, or driving, vegans are excelling and getting everything they need from a compassionate diet.

vegan athlete

Watch on TryVeg! And stay tuned for new videos starring Vegan-Strong Athletes.


vegan athlete leilani munter

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