Vegan Add-Ins For Your Dog’s Food

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With the rise in popularity of raw pet diets, it can be difficult to know what to feed as a pet guardian. Dogs especially have complicated nutritional needs that are met through foods in multiple different sustenance groups. If you’re looking for vegan options to add to your dog’s food rotation, we have a list of choices below. These are easily found in any grocery store, and provide tasty health benefits.

1. Skin and Coat

Dogs’ skin and coats must be cared for from the inside-out in order to fully nourish and strengthen them. The following vegan foods provide inflammatory, antibacterial, and protein-based ingredients to fully maximize the shine and health of your dog’s skin and coat. 

Add-Ins: almonds, chia seeds, coconut, oats, cranberries, sweet potatoes

2. Probiotic

As we all know, there’s good bacteria, and there’s bad bacteria. Just like us, dogs benefit from foods rich in probiotics to balance out the levels of harmful and safe bacteria. As well as using this process to protect your dog’s immune system, these foods will also assist in digestive and excretory health.

Add-Ins: bananas, artichoke, leeks, kimchi 

3. Tooth Care 

All dog guardians know the struggle of trying to brush their pets’ teeth. To make this trying task easier, certain foods can be incorporated to assist with breaking down plaque. The following foods have additional enzymes, not found in dog saliva, to keep food buildup at bay.

Add-Ins: sauerkraut, blueberries, strawberries, kelp, pomegranates

4. Vitamins and Minerals

Most dry dog foods on the market will provide the bare minimum vitamin and mineral content your dog requires in their diet. However, the following foods will give your dog an extra boost in these important nutrients.

Add-Ins: pumpkin, carrots, coconut oil, bran, cabbage, spirulina, nutritional yeast

5. Joint Health 

Arthritis in dogs can cause debilitating mobility, pain, and discomfort issues. The foods below provide anti-inflammatory components for dogs with existing arthritis as well as preventative care for younger dogs. 

Add-Ins: papaya, turmeric, ginger root, spinach

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