Sharing Your Holiday Spirit with Animals

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Holiday SpiritThe winter holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity to spread a message of compassion. What better way to show others just how much you care than by giving humane holiday gifts and sharing delicious vegan food and recipes with friends and family?

That’s why COK put together some holiday gift ideas as well as festive meat-, egg-, and dairy-free recipes that’ll make everyone, including the animals, sing for joy!

Gift Ideas to Spread Compassionate Holiday Spirit

Visit COK’s marketplace to find great gift ideas for the whole family — from our logo mug filled with organic, fair-trade chocolates to our warm holiday wishes note cards to fun and informative nutrition DVDs by Dr. Michael Greger. You’ll also find books, t-shirts, and much more. Start shopping now!

Holiday Spirit

Cooking with Compassion: Five Festive Recipes from COK Staff

Holiday SpiritOne of the best ways to win people’s hearts is by tempting their taste buds with delicious sweet and savory vegan food.

To help give you a jump start in the kitchen, COK staff picked out five of our favorite festive meat-, egg-, and dairy-free recipes that are perfect to share with friends and family this holiday season, including Cheryl’s Cranberry-Jalapeño Appetizer, Katie’s Curry Rice, and Jaya’s Jelly Cookies (pictured here).

We’ve made sure these recipes are simple and easy to prepare so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the party. Start cooking now!

Celebrate & Help Inspire Compassion with COK’s 2011 Highlights Video

Thanks to your support, 2011 has been a very active year for COK. That’s why we’re excited to share our year-in-review video highlighting the accomplishments for animals that you helped make possible, from uncovering the dairy industry’s cruel price-fixing scheme to persuading Quorn to launch its first-ever vegan product to airing powerful pro-veg commercials nationwide, and so much more.

After watching our 2.5-minute video, we hope you’ll renew your support to help us expand our efforts even more in 2012.

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