Report: Over Half of US Consumers More Concerned About Farm Animal Welfare

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As Compassion Over Killing’s investigations reveal, farm animals endure immense suffering behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness. And consumers are increasingly unwilling to buy into this cruelty.

A recent report from Packaged Facts shows that over half of US consumers — 58% — are more concerned about farm animal welfare than they were a few years ago, from housing, to the use of antibiotics, to slaughter.

Animal Welfare: Issues and Opportunities in the Meat, Poultry, and Egg Markets in the U.S. attributes this growing awareness in part to concern over food safety, and awareness that this issue is inextricably linked to the way farm animals are treated.

These consumers would likely be horrified by what COK documented at a Hormel supplier operating under the USDA’s high-speed pig slaughter program known as “HIMP”: both egregious animal cruelty and pigs covered in feces or pus-filled abscesses being slaughtered and processed for human consumption with a USDA inspection seal of approval. (Even more alarming, HIMP could soon be expanded to pig slaughterhouses nationwide. Sign & share our petition!)

“Nearly two-thirds of consumers agree that humane treatment of animals raised for food should be a societal concern and a regulatory issue,” the report says, and that as a result of consumer demand and the work of animal welfare organizations, companies are “taking steps to improve the quality of life of the animals in their supply chains”.

As Packaged Facts puts it, “new standards are being shaped by next-generation consumer expectations”.

And consumer expectations also include an ever-growing demand for vegan options! That’s why more and more companies and restaurants are offering dishes free of meat and animal products.

Just take a look at the many plant-based foods that made QSR’s list of innovative new menu items — from Wendy’s Black Bean Burger, to Veggie Grill’s Beyond Burger, a Breakfast Pita at DC’s Shouk, and more!

It’s easier than ever to leave animals off our plates! We can help you get started:

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