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We’re So Close to a Vegan Donut We Can Almost Taste It…

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We’re so close to a vegan donut at Dunkin’, we can almost taste it. In response to a Compassion Over Killing campaign where YOU asked Dunkin’ Donuts (soon to be called “Dunkin’”) to roll out a compassionate vegan option, Dunkin responded. The top US donut chain told COK it’s currently trying formulas for a vegan donut.

But before we could share this buzzworthy news with all of you, Dunkin’ said after testing a first recipe, it’s gone back to the drawing board. So we’re asking you to send Dunkin’ some encouragement TODAY by letting them know how eager we are to try out their next attempt!

The news from Dunkin’ comes on the heels of a letter sent by Glenn Bacheller, a former Dunkin’ executive, to new Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffmann, urging the company to “make a statement” by offering a vegan donut.

This promising news is sweet for animals and consumers alike. The development of a quick, affordable, and delicious vegan donut option would prove that you’re brewing change at Dunkin’. Consumers across the country have joined COK’s campaign telling the chain they want a vegan treat to dunk in their coffee–and the coffee and donut giant is responding. But–they’re not quite there yet.

“Dunkin’ has the chance to shape the future of donuts and bring in the dough by being the first major chain to offer a dairy- and egg-free donut,” said Rachel Pawelski of Compassion Over Killing

This response from Dunkin’ follows a COK petition launched with “The Vegan Ref” and former basketball player Antoine Knighton, which has been signed by over 16,000 people. Meanwhile, hundreds of dessert lovers across the country who voted in COK’s #DonutWars contest predict that Dunkin’ will beat Krispy Kreme as the first chain to roll out a vegan donut.

It looks like consumers and #DonutWars voters might be right, if Dunkin’ continues in the test kitchen. A vegan donut would be a huge win not only for consumers, but for the chickens and cows who are exploited every day in the egg and dairy industries.

Please show Dunkin’ your support and make sure the chain keeps with it by sending the donut giant some words of encouragement like the sample below or your own polite message!  


Dear Dunkin’,

I would like to join Compassion Over Killing and Glenn Bacheller this National Doughnut Day in thanking you for taking a leading step forward in your industry by testing a vegan donut formula. I strongly encourage you to continue with this pursuit! If you roll out a plant-based donut nationwide, you will not only create a kinder world but also invite a massive, growing group of consumers to enjoy your products. I cannot wait to have a vegan donut to dunk in my dairy-free coffee at Dunkin’!

P.S. Have you signed the petition yet?

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