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Factory Farms Make Animals, People, and the Environment Sick

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Recently, a poultry farm in Montgomery County, Maryland that sold both meat and eggs was shut down for animal cruelty and filthy conditions. These birds were suffering from various medical conditions and had evidently been denied veterinary care. After officials discovered the state of the farm, over 100 chickens were killed to alleviate horrific suffering and unsafe medical conditions. This …

Maryland Law Takes Effect: Arsenic Banned from Chicken Feed

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Yes, arsenic. It’s a known toxin and carcinogen, yet it’s commonly used as an additive to chicken feed. Why? It’s been fed to chickens since the 1940s to promote growth and kill parasites.

Sound shocking and dangerous? Maryland Delegate Tom Hucker thought so, too. So in 2010, he introduced a bill in the state legislature aiming to prohibit poultry companies from adding this toxic drug to feed given to chickens who are raised for their meat.