Undercover Investigator Goes Public to Reveal Animal Cruelty on California Dairy Farm

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“Dead on arrival” dairy is failing cows–and failing with consumers San Jacinto, CA — October 8, 2020 — After a two-year career working undercover inside several factory farms, Animal Outlook investigator Erin Wing now reveals her identity, stepping out of the shadows to shine a light on the stomach-churning horrors she witnessed at her most recent — and last — …


Sales Keep Dropping for Top Dairy Producer

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As Bloomberg Markets writes, “The bad news keeps piling up for the milk market.” The leading U.S. dairy milk producer, Dean Foods, has hit a six-year low, with its shares dropping by up to 8.9% this week. Bloomberg adds, “Americans are turning away from milk amid a wealth of other beverage options and as non-dairy substitutes like almond and oat milk gain popularity.” Dean …