Vegan Dog Food Brands Your Pup Will Go Wild For

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vegan dog food

Have you cut meat, dairy and eggs from your diet and now you’re wondering if it’s safe to do the same for your best furry friend? Maybe your vet has recommended you try out a plant-based diet for your dog? It turns out dogs can eat healthy and tasty vegan diets, just like us. 

Dogs are omnivores, which means their gut enzymes allow them to digest a variety of foods – same as humans. Contrary to what many believe, dogs don’t need meat in their diets physiologically and can thrive on vegan dog food as long as you make sure they’re getting required nutrients and protein. The easiest way to do this is to  feed a balanced, commercially-made dog food. Vegan dog food, like other commercial dog food you’d buy, is certified based on its nutritional profile by groups like AAFCO. We’ve compiled a list below of some of our canine friends’ favorite vegan options to help you pick out the best fit for you and your dog.

Wild Earth

Wild Earth customers say their dogs have “more energy, less allergies, shinier coat, and healthier weight” after switching to this vegan food. In addition to Clean Protein Dog Food, Wild Earth also sells treats and a line of supplements to provide for your dog’s specific needs. This is a staff favorite — our dogs’ enthusiasm for this kibble is intense. 


Halo focuses on whole nutrition that has a low glycemic index but is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for skin and coat health without corn, soy or rice ingredients. Halo sells a canned food formula, Ocean of Vegan and Garden of Vegan lines of dry food, and two flavors of dog treats.


With an exciting variety of products including Breathbones and Wiggle biscuits, your dog thank you for these tasty and cruelty-free treats. You can choose between Kindkibble and Kindkibble MiniBite, all free of wheat, corn and soy, making them great for sensitive or itchy dogs. V-Dog makes and sells strictly vegan products and is proud to have won the 2020 VegNews Veggie Award for Best Vegan Dog Food.

Natural Balance

Natural Balance has two vegan formulas to choose from, a dry or canned option, with all the necessary ingredients for a nutritious meal including taurine and l-carnitine for heart health. Natural Balance formulas are intended for adult dogs and are appropriate for multiple breed sizes. These are labeled as vegetarian but they are vegan. Our dogs especially love the canned version.


Gather Endless Valley Vegan Recipe for Adult Dogs uses organic and sustainably produced ingredients including organic pea protein to meet the necessary nutritional levels for dogs without the use of corn, wheat or soy.

Evolution Diet

Evolution Diet brand dog food is designed for adult dogs, puppies, senior dogs and pregnant dogs, and is available as canned or dry food which can be ordered as non-GMO or organic. Evolution Diet has a line of treats and flavorings for your dog’s enjoyment as well.

The Green Dog

The Green Dog has a line of nutrient-dense vegan dry food for adults and puppies that’s specifically targeted to support better health for your dog while preventing allergies, supporting their muscles and joints, and promoting healthy appetite and digestion.

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  1. The problem I have with the available vegan dog foods is what I consider inferior ingredients like canola oil and a lot of soy. Also, peas and oats can have high amounts of glyphosate in them (V-Dog was definitely on a list that tested high for it) so you are basically feeding your dog food that has Round Up in it. I would love a PREMIUM vegan dog food, not ones with a bunch of cheap fillers.

    1. I agree. I am not thrilled with the lack of organic ingredients in vegan dogs foods.
      It is not difficult to make your own organic vegan dog food. Fresh vegetables, potatoes,
      beets, carrots, lentils or beans, pea proteins, oats, quinoa or brown rice, coconut oil or flax,
      even some blueberries are viable ingredients.
      They need to receive an animal multivitamin and even some kelp powder 2-3x weekly.
      An occasional apple is a treat, as are whole sweet potatoes to gnaw on.
      I fed my doggies a raw diet, but I also do not believe in dry kibble dog foods, even vegan.
      cheers, rachel.

  2. My 3 dogs love V-Dog kibble. Given the choice between their old food Merrik grain-free Salmon they V-Dog all chose the V-Dog. I have been feeding it to them for 8 months now and they still act like they are getting a bowl
    of treats. Breeds are: Bernese/Shepherd mix, Lab/Pitt mix & a Puggle.

    1. You of course fail to factor in the added medical expenses that come with non vegan ‘foods’ not to mention the impact on the environment and the animals who are slaughtered just to feed your pet inferior ‘food’.

  3. Your Dog’s Diet Over Time
    Many experts recommend rotating diets every 2-6 months if you are feeding commercial dog food. This typically means changing to a new food company. Offering a variety of formulas within that company can benefit many dogs. When feeding homemade diets, a variety of foods should be offered. dog.

  4. Mike has Calcium Oxalate Bladder Stones. He is an 11-year-old papillon.
    He needs a diet of low-oxalate foods that include cheese, vegetable oil, avocados, barley, corn or rice cereal, pasta, white rice, and wild rice.
    He also needs to stay away from food that contains moderate to high levels of calcium or oxalates, including nuts, soy, wheat, bran, beans, beets, spinach, buckwheat, carrots, kale, flaxseed, sunflower seed, apples, liver, sardines, brown rice, corn starch, oatmeal, and cornmeal.
    Can a vegan diet help him?

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