VegWeek Feedback: Changing Minds and Saving Lives

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VegWeekLast week, we told you about how VegWeek 2012 (April 23-29) was a tremendous success: there were more VegPledge sign-ups, restaurant specials, events, and media coverage than ever before!

Well, the good news doesn’t stop there. Although VegWeek may be over, we continue to receive inspiring feedback from hundreds of VegPledgers about how VegWeek gave them the jumpstart needed to keep standing up for animals, the planet, and their health every time they sit down to eat!

Here are a few stories we want to share:

I love animals and refuse to have them on my plate anymore. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in something that I plan to continue all my life. – Belinda Knowles

“Thank you so much for the support during VegWeek. Your information has opened my eyes and helped me in the decision to go vegetarian. I look forward to learning more.” -Michelle McPartland

“Through the different events in my area and all of the great information provided, I plan continue a full vegan diet. Thanks US VegWeek!” -Amanda Hursh            


“Thanks to products like Gardein and the email tips, going vegetarian for a whole week was much easier than I expected and I even got my family on board. I’m definitely looking for more opportunities to eat vegetarian and eat more compassionately. I’m so glad I took the challenge!” – Erika Goehrig 

“As I was already a vegetarian, I thought VegWeek was the perfect opportunity to finally make the pledge to go to a vegan diet!-Melissa Brown


“I never thought I would try going vegetarian in my life—yet once my week was up I decided to continue going veg. Thank you for helping me along the way and for helping all animals! Our future generation will be thanking you also!” -Erin Forward 

I just hope to one day inspire someone like you inspired me. I am done being part of the problem. There is nothing humane about enslaving animals.”-Halley Simpson 

“I am vegan, but my boyfriend is an omnivore. We did Veg Week together. It was fun and brought us closer together. He said he had no problem giving up meat for a week, so we’ll probably be doing even more vegan cooking together. Thanks!” – Becca Costello

“Thanks for the encouragement and tips along the way. It sure felt wonderful to be meatless. I’ll definitely continue to try alternatives to meat in my diet and my family’s.” – Madona LeBlanc

Read more moving testimonials and help us make an even greater difference next year by sponsoring, partnering with us on, or volunteering for VegWeek 2013!

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