Good News for Hens: Supreme Court Denies Prop 2 Challenge

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In November, COK applauded a victory for hens as the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld California’s Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act (commonly known as “Prop 2”), which bans the sale of eggs from battery-caged hens.

Now comes another big win for birds! The US Supreme Court has rejected a challenge of Prop 2 filed by six major animal agriculture states — Missouri, Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska and Oklahoma — in an attempt to overturn the law.

Prop 2 has been challenged multiple times, but the law that passed with 63% support from California voters has been upheld each time.

This February, the first criminal charges for violations of Prop 2 were brought against Hohberg Poultry Ranches in Ontario, California after 28,000 hens were found packed into overcrowded cages in filthy conditions.

Egg-laying hens suffer in extreme confinement, crowded into tiny battery cages so small they can’t even turn around or spread their wings.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to protect chickens, and all animals, by choosing delicious and compassionate plant-based foods. Visit COK’s for recipes, tips, blogs, and lots more!

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